Regional Events

In preparation for the final conference, the IPMCS has hosted regional seminars in San Jose, Costa Rica; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Asuncion, Paraguay; and Montevideo, Uruguay. The objective of the seminars was to discuss and integrate the regional issues in the final conference agenda.

2008 Conference

The State of Florida has initiated the First Conference on Good Governance and Democracy for the Hemisphere: Challenges and Opportunities, which is being organized by Florida International University’s Institute for Public Management and Community Service (IPMCS). At the same time, for its twelfth year, The Miami Herald is organizing the Americas Conference® with the partnership of the Inter-American Development Bank. The four organizations—State of Florida, The Miami Herald, Florida International University, Inter-American Development Bank—have combined their efforts to plan this year’s Americas Conference® which will be hosted at the historic Biltmore Hotel, Miami, FL, October 1-3, 2008. The theme of the conference will be “New Leadership—New Focus: Good Governance and Economic Development for the Hemisphere”. Click below to download PDF files.

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