At the local level the Institute conducts a multitude of community service. With a unique relationship between Miami-Dade County senior government officials ( www.miamidade.gov), the Institute often uses their expertise in regional conferences to share lessons learned with officials abroad. For example it offers training to local county and city officials in topics such as procurement, ethics and performance measurement.

Currently, the Institute and Miami-Dade County are engaged in an Executive and Mid-level Manager Leadership Program. The program assists nearly 3000 managers and executives through organizing programs in leadership and driving government performance, innovation and critical thinking, customer relations, project management and employee development.

Furthermore, the Institute has been heavily involved in the local Sister Cities Council coordinating and aiding in building relationships between Miami-Dade officials and foreign country leaders and executives. It led efforts to establish sister city relations between Miami Dade County and Asuncion, Paraguay and is currently assisting in establishing a similar relationship between Miami Dade County and Odessa, Ukraine.

The Institute plays a leading role in developing programs and coordination for the South Florida Chapter of ASPA. Specifically, the IPMCS will assist to organize the National Chapter of ASPA’s annual meeting in Miami in 2009. Visit their Web site at http://www.aspaonline.org/southfla.