Ibero-American Union of Municipalities

During the month of October this year the directors of the Institute of Public Administration and Community Services (IPMCS), Dr. Allan Rosenbaum and Mrs. Christina Rodriguez-Acosta, were present as part of a panel of lecturers in the XI Congress of Ibero-American Municipalities.

As a result of the extensive debates and reflections of the Congress Lecturers, the Declaration of San Juan: Economy and Local Sustainable Development: The Challenges facing Municipalities in the XXI Century. This Declaration takes into consideration the principle accords and required compromises by the Municipal representatives of Latin America with respect to the themes in question. The purpose is to outline the challenges and guidelines in order to further develop local public politics, these challenges and guidelines will then be shared among all institutions, both public and private, as well as any municipal associations from Latin America by means of the Ibero-American Secretary General (SEGIB).

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