Dominican Republic Seminar and Workshop

The Dominican Republic Seminar took place from February 16, 2015 - February 18, 2015, it was hosted by FEDOMU and FIU and attended by our Vice Director Cristina Rodriguez-Acosta along with our Program Coordinator Jeisson Rodriguez. The Seminar covered the topics of decentralization, governance, and the role of municipal organizations in Chile, El Salvador, and the Dominican Republic. The focus of the workshop/seminar was to exchange ideas and methods to help promote more responsibility towards public services and governance for small, local municipal governments in the countries. This push for decentralization is crucial in order to give small and local governments a greater role in shaping good governance and public policies for their regions. Some of the topics covered by the seminar included performance evaluations of a variety of municipal organizations, their respective policies, and also how to strengthen these organizations to promote decentralization.