IPMCS identifies conference theme for XIV Mayor’s Conference

Miami, Fla. —Miami-Dade County and Florida International University invite you to attend the: XIV Inter-American Conference of Mayors and Local Authorities which will focus on "Building the Productive, Efficient, and Equitable Municipality: New Challenges, New Opportunities, " planned for June 16 - 19, 2008 - Miami, Florida.

The Conference provides a forum for representatives of local, regional and national governments, NGOs, various international and donor organizations and all of those interested in the strengthening of local governments to share experiences; information and practices; to review major local government developments; to adopt policy statements; and to discuss common goals for the promotion of decentralization and democratic local governance throughout the Hemisphere.

For more information: contact Ms. Cristina A. Rodríguez-Acosta at Florida International University. Tel. (305) 348-1271– Fax (305) 348-1273 - E-mail: lagierc@fiu.edu