Florida Delegation Announces International Conference In Paraguay

Miami, Fla. — A delegation of Florida state legislators and representatives from Florida International University will travel to Asunción, Paraguay May 27-29 for official meetings and dialogue with the transition team. The main objective of this trip is to promote the Good Governance and Democracy Conference of the Americas, a hemispheric event that is organized by the State of Florida in conjunction with Florida State University, which will be held August 6-8 at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami.

The delegation includes prominent Representative David Rivera (Republican) of Miami. He will join the group along with Dr. Allan Rosenbaum, director of the Institute for Public Management and Community Services hosted at Florida International University, Ms. Cristina Rodriguez-Acosta, vice-director of the Institute and Ms. Heidi Smith, program coordinator of public relations.

In preparation of this conference, regional conferences will be held to discuss specific topics in the region. One of these regional conferences was held at the Costa Rican National Assembly on March 14.

They will be attending meeting with the transition team, as well as with members of the legislative assembly, representatives of the chamber of commerce and union leaders in order to invite them to the final event in Miami in August.